(for githinji)

in my thoughts of you are dreams
of light and blue dawn skies
green grass gone gold
from time in sun
mara stars bright against moon
smoked fire low on my feet
tea warm in my cup

lying awake with you I dream
of rain pounding walls like sounding board
reaching for drops I touch your cheek
you wake, kiss me to life and end my dream
where thoughts of you begin

with closed eyes I see you glistening
sweat on well worn back
muscled like divinity
you see us, and dare my fear to leave me
naked before your eyes
admiring the sight of skin you’ve claimed
as home

my most welcome thought is you
my beloved life
my over and over wish
like a child for Christmas
the place I hide my hope to keep safe
from time and space between us
so you do not forget the feel
of my eyes, the scent of my life
wrapped in yours

mpenzi, you say
you are safe here, and I believe
with my biggest only fear
the thought that I will wake
from you

STACY SMITH is an American expat writer, born and raised in Texas, now living and working in Kenya and the Mediterranean. She travels frequently, always in search of home.

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