We lay tilted in the purple twilight,
The hillside beneath us.
You asked
If I remembered the stones.

I had walked, morosely, behind you,
The weight of earth in my pockets,
Our silence tunneling
Through the forest chatter.

You took off, snaking
Through the rocky walls, dragging
My brooding bones with you to the oaks
Where we sat at the feet of trees.

Sunlight pierced through the leaves;
And fell dappled onto our palms.
Drawing a stone from my pocket
You placed it in a fleck of sun.

And nudged me
To turn towards the light.

KIMBERLY RIVERS is a Business Systems Analyst who has happily landed in Kent, Ohio. She once owned a scented paper company, which has supplied her with marvelous-smelling bookmarks for life. She is currently studying creative writing at Kent State University.

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