The field


This rescue will not come with a roar in the air
No pounding theme song, no red crosses on the sides of muddy vans
As they leave deep tracks upon the earth;
Tattered tents won't dot the untamed landscape
The clang of brass shells nonexistent on blood-shed ground

Instead – the silent soldier's fingertip glides across the battlefield
Down the rim of a nose hill
Stealthily moving upon the curves, valleys, and skirmishes
Of his right bicep
Tracing, exploring the scenery
Across colorful decorations, burned in ink on the lay of the land
Her touch skillfully defuses the minefield
One by one, fuses broken
Thread by thread, healed
Feeling the breath of life rise and fall
Near the center of her world

The Soldier then closes her weary, blissful eyelids
Rests her head in gentle victory
Of a battle won, but a war so far ahead
While a cool, steady wind blows around the skin of these bunkermates
Quiet napalm, powerful silence

TRACY POWERS lives in Oak Ridge, TN with her husband and is frequently inspired by the surroundings of her East TN home. Her poems "Woods" and "Vision" were recently featured on the e-journal, and her work “Firestarter” was also featured in the January 2018 edition of Ariel Chart,