What will prove genetic or biologic

What will be passed to you and
What will you cast aside

I often wonder

while your father’s
dropkicking chairs
I’m dropping garage doors
Over my ears and third eye
your father’s spewing sad words
And I’m biting (down)(just go)

What will peak above your skin
and glare you down in 25 years
Shoved into your life like
a second nature and
you never thought about it until
it really cut someone’s tongue out

And what will ache so bad that
you vow at too young an age to
never ever be like them?

This one can only heal over
with grit
and might
Little Warrior
I’m so sorry for the force feed
the things you never asked for


You will fall asleep alone
2000 nights
Because who gives a f***
Mom and dad
Are you
Widen my hips
Train the calm
And the cheer
Muscle up

Good for you, sharers
(And that gut clenching bridge
Wet, veering and high
Has to be)

One apple
On a stem
Gets more fuel
Than two

Gives more flesh
Than two

Takes more sun
Than two

I am f(ull)
I am f(ine)

SIMONE L W MOUNSAMY: began reading her poems to her best friend a decade and half ago. She branched into fiction in Academialand, Austin Community College, where she obtained an Associate’s degree in Creative Writing. She holds another Associate’s degree in Musical Theatre, and a Bachelor’s degree in French from the University of Texas at Austin. She has been off writing in caves on a French Caribbean island since then and is now happily peaking her nose out to explore the publishing world. She appears in Bubble Off Plumb anthology, and her stories, poetry and translations are, or will be, forthcoming in several other literary journals.

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