In a world of vast cumulus clouds,
warming seas filled with the sting
of jellyfish, in a world of deeper stings
when a policeman shoots an innocent

black man, and then claims that he was just
protecting himself, where we do not see
ourselves in the "other," and are blinded by
hatred and a twisted version of history,

there is another world, a drawing of flowers
made by a four-year-old child, the hand
reaching out to another, the scent of a hidden
garden; sage, basil, thyme, the spurt

of bushes growing out of ancient
volcanic rock, green feathers growing
out of destruction, nature talking back
to us, love sliding through crevices.

MARGUERITE BOUVARD is the author of ten poetry books, two of which have won awards. She has also published numerous non-fiction books in a variety of fields. Her non-fiction books are concerned with women and human rights. She has also written about social justice, illness, and grief. Her concern for the human condition is a common theme that runs throughout her publications. Marguerite was a professor of Political Science and a Director of Poetry Workshops at Regis College, and a writer in residence at the University of Maryland. She is currently a Resident Scholar at the Women’s Studies Research Center at Brandeis University.

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