“I woke up this morning and said thank you.”

I first discovered Kay via quotes on tumblr and was immediately captivated by the short, emotive snippets of her work. Unfortunately, the book turned out to be a slight disappointment. This is not to say that Kay isn’t a good writer. What I can say was that I had expectations of the book based on previews I had seen online, and was met with something entire different in the entire collection.


I have spent hours wondering how many other people’s photographs I have wandered into

No Matter the wreckage is a compilation of poems [though in my opinion it reads more like short prose] that explores various subjects. I found that Kay’s strengths were in the sentences themselves. The book had numerous quotable lines that grabbed my attention in the midst of the larger poems. Most of which I had already seen on other social media platforms and had originally drawn me to the book.

The book is beautifully put together.  There is detail and care pressed into every page, from wonderful illustrations to the table of contents, it’s a magnificent book to have and hold.


I expected more of a poetry vibe and instead discovered something similar to short stories or prose.  This may have been due to the fact that the collections I have read until this point had been very lyrical in their language, adding to the poetic vibe. I admit that I had a preconception of what the book would be before I purchased it, which it turns out is not always a good thing.

“The astronaut will not be in today. He has called in sick. He has turned off his cell phone, his laptop, his pager, his alarm clock.”

I found that the structure of the individual works tended towards prose or flash fiction / really short stories. There was a narrative quality to the book that I found to be a bit heavy and lumbering, and would have [in my opinion] been better suited in a short story framework than poetry.

Last Thoughts

+ 3 Stars

That being said, there were enough bright, captivating moments throughout the collection to keep me reading ‘til the end.  Overall, while I didn’t enjoy this work of poetry as much as I had expected to, please keep in mind that my opinion on No Matter the Wreckage may be more about personal taste in poetry than Kay’s actual writing abilities.



1.      Grace
2.      Witness
3.      Astronaut


Release: 2014
Purchase: A Write Bloody Book