One More Ride


Father worked the rails. Free
passage was our rite. Hours
rocking back and forth to the
constant rhythm of the train.

Foreheads pressed to cool
fuliginous windows, scenery
streaming by at a giddying pace.
Large cities, small towns,
virescent farm land, all ablur.

The somnolent clickety-clack
of wheels motoring onward.
Miles of track laid north to
south, east to west. Once the
lifeblood of transportation.

Memories, hard and soft now
collide, as once great escapades
also blur in my aging mind. One
more ride, yes one more ride,
and I shall soon be home.

Where Did Wednesday Go?

I lost Wednesday along the way to Friday.
Somehow it eluded me as if it ran away.
Misplaced among the hours
of incandescent thought,
a time traveler’s lament.

It always astonishes me
how whole days can disappear,
vanishing into oblivion along with
items from last week’s grocery list,
and clouded memories of the past.

Do you know the way to Monday,
or is that lost as well?
Missing days hiding in the shadows
of unknown tomorrows,
and forgotten yesterdays,
as I continue to struggle forward
through another week.

Beyond the Reach of Time


Black crow
       sings a song
unknown to man.
Forest awakes,
       answering back.

Vestiges of life
       fall from the sky
like winter snow.
Existence comes into being.

Dawn bursts forth,
       day enters.
Stars blink their goodbyes.
So it is said, so it is done.

The guardian steps forth
       as light emerges.
Time lapses ...
Burgeoning worlds converge.

The sky is alive.
        I hear his song.
Black crow flies off,
Beyond the reach of time.


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I still remember my mother working to support us, and taking care of all the household chores.