Old Photographs


Trapped beneath a curtain
of crepuscular remembrances,
an eerie sensation – looking
back on old photographs.

A black and white specter
of a life I no longer recognize,
touched with shades of gray.

Vacant eyes staring back
at me from an inaccessible
realm. A world long forgotten.

Wrangled images – a lamentable
parenthesis of my existence.
Ephemeral emotions overwhelm,
then enact acedia.

A deep breath exhales. I wipe
my memories clean. Then,
once more remove all
evidence of my past life.

Box closed.
Drawer shut.
Life continues …

Life After Death


A question is posed, is there life after death?
There are so many deaths besides the final one.

We die a little every day, kicked in the gut by life.
Doors slammed in the face of opportunity.

Relationships that have gone into mourning.
Withered flowers, petals falling to the floor.

Fleeting instances lost from memory.
Dying embers from extinguishing fires.

Each a little passing that chips away at our existence.
Yet life goes on in heartbeats and breaths,

prevailing beyond the extinctions that bite at our backs
Until the final demise.



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