Kingdoms in the Wild is a budding micro-press focused on works by emerging writers and artists.  As the new year begins we are looking to expand our team, and are in the search of earnest book loving individuals to join us in establishing a platform for edgy, raw, captivating work from underrepresented communities all across the globe. At KITW we understand how important the readership community is and as we expand we are looking forward to creating a welcoming and engaging relationship between authors and readers. 


The ideal ambassador will have: 1 above all, a love for books and reading, 2 a demonstrated interest in social media management and book photography 3 an interest in forming new connections between readers and writers, and the ability to engage with people in a respectful and enthusiastic manner, 4 a desire, aptitude and interest in organizing Q&A events with the author, giveaway contests – including signed copies provided by the author, cover reveals, blog tours and/or interviews and conversations with the author about the current and previous works and more…


We are looking for an individual with a love for books and reading. A person who is patient and detail oriented, and is interested in working with an independent press.  In particular, we are interested  in working with freshman / sophomore level English and Writing students looking for internship or job shadowing experience. 


Do you love reading? Are you interested in books that are quirky, strange and that challenge your thoughts and perceptions about books and the world? Are you interested in reading books by little known authors, or authors from marginalized communities and/or writers who are underrepresented in mainstream publishing world? This is the opportunity for you. 


Each book takes a team to create, from the first bouts of inspiration, to the final realized edition of the book. But that is only the beginning. The ideal book ambassador is the person who is passionate about a book and wants to share it with everyone they know, a person who gets excited about championing a book and wants to go the extra mile to ensure that a project gets its due attention. This position is ideal for Sophmore/ Junior level Writing, English or Business Publishing students.


*Though no monetary compensation is being offered at this time, the ambassador and assistant opportunities can be used as a job-shadowing and/or internship experience. We are also willing to work with educational institutions to provide necessary documentation and/or write letters of recommendations when appropriate and applicable.  These position have potential to grow, and early team members demonstrating growth and professionalism will be among the first considered for any new opportunities arising within Kingdoms in the Wild.